What is Dropspace?

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3 min readSep 16, 2021


One premium minting platform, built for everyone.

Let’s start with why we need Dropspace.

The world of NFTs is often referred to as ‘The Wild West’. A lawless decentra-land where the future of culture is being built. In this decentralized, unregulated industry, it’s up to the users to build an infrastructure we can trust to move forward with, together. The DeFi Network wants to be a part of that future. That’s why we’re creating Dropspace.

Dropspace began as an idea to streamline an influx of new business we were facing, after a run of successful project launches. We thought instead of building the backend to mint all of these projects separately, what if we created one space to mint them all. But after recent stories of rug pulls, sites crashing mid-mint, insider trading, and more — we saw an opportunity to bring the market something it was clearly missing. A premium platform where everyone can discover and mint top-tier drops.

A Premium Experience

Premium doesn’t simply mean high-end. It means a quality and trustworthy user-experience. The DeFi Network handles the backend for every project launched on Dropspace, which means you can trust every smart contract is audited and safe. Premium also speaks to what is becoming the new standard in NFTs — a trustworthy, doxxed team. Every project on Dropspace will be a DeFi Network client, a project of our own, or one carefully vetted by us, where the founders are doxxed as well.

One Platform For Everyone

Dropspace is built for everyone. We’ll be launching projects at all price ranges and aiming to make the experience built to help onboard newcomers into NFTs. Whether you’re a whale or a fresh in the space, Dropspace will be the place for you to find great projects.

Top-Tier Drops

It’s difficult to predict the success of a project after it’s launch. But, The DeFi Network will be putting any project that launches on Dropspace through the ringer. If we wouldn’t trust it with our own money, we certainly won’t let other people put their money in it through our platform.

One Final Note

We aim to build an experience that will last. NFTs are the future, and we’re looking to shepherd as many as we can on this journey. The trust of our users and quality of their experience is something you can count on us to strive for every day.

The DeFi Network is a global network that builds products & apps on the blockchain. Our partners include Sony Music, partners of Marvel, and everything in between. You can find more about what we do and have done at thedefi.network.

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