Dropspace is a better way to mint.

The DeFi Network is launching a premium platform for NFT minting.

Why would The DeFi Network launch a minting platform?

DeFi summer has been hot for The DeFi Network. After many successful project launches, it culminated in our two flagship projects, Musee — the world’s first user-owned NFT gallery & marketplace, and The Canine Cartel — a 10k pfp project that sold out in 51 minutes.

With an influx of new business brought on by these successful launches, and wild ideas for projects of our own to launch, we saw an opportunity to bring our premium experience to the masses and streamline the technical side of minting. And thus, Dropspace was born — a premium platform for discovering and minting top-tier NFT projects.

Why use Dropspace?

We believe NFTs are the future. But with dozens of projects launching daily, how do you separate the ones who are part of that future from the ones that simply aren’t. Or, in worse cases, are nothing more than scams?

Dropspace is a platform where you can trust that every project is backed by a doxxed team with a proven track record. At first, we’ll be focusing on launching our clients and our own projects. After that, we’ll allow carefully vetted projects to also be launched through Dropspace.

Our Mission

We aim to build a trusted brand that adds a blue checkmark to any project launched through Dropspace. Another primary goal of ours is creating a platform where everyone can access the top projects. Whether you’re new to NFTs or have been around since day one, you can expect a premium experience in the most accessible way. Visit dropspace.art to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about our launch and future drops.

Who is The DeFi Network?

The DeFi Network is a global network that builds products & apps on the blockchain. Our partners include Sony Music, partners of Marvel, and everything in between. You can find more about what we do and have done at thedefi.network.



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