Art Wars NFT sold out in seconds.

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2 min readNov 6, 2021


Art Wars is a carefully curated NFT project and a digital extension of one of the most successful and disruptive art exhibits of the 21 Century. In partnership with Dropspace, artist and curator Ben Moore along with a host of other world-renowned artists set the stormtroopers free. The Helmet Gang responded with overwhelming support.

How did the launch go?

On November 6, 8am PST // 11am EST, Dropspace Mint Ticket Holders where first to mint their valuable Art Wars NFTs. Then, between 10am PST // 1pm EST, whitelist minters had their chance to secure a piece of history. Finally, at 1pm PST // 3pm EST Art Wars opened to the public.

The project was an instant sellout!

Within 5 seconds of the public drop Art Wars sold out at a price of 0.6 ETH. This was the fastest sellout in Dropspace history.

At of time of writing this article (approximately 1hr after sellout), only 100 helmets are listed for sale on OS and the floor price is currently 2.2 ETH.

When is the reveal?

The reveal is expected to take place 72 hours after launch — that means holders will get to see which helmet they landed on Tuesday, November 9th.

When you do find out, hit us up on Twitter and show us those Stormtrooper helmets. As an Art Wars NFT holder, you are part of the Helmet Gang so let’s show the world these unique pieces of art.

What’s in store for Drop_ Mint Ticket holders?

With drops lined up like Kalash47, Free the Mouse, and Deera upcoming, DMT holders have plenty to look forward to. The Art Wars drop alone was reason enough to hold DMT passes as they guaranteed holders access to what turned out to be an instant sellout.

While the DMT tickets have dropped in value on Opensea, now is the perfect time to scoop up your tickets. Remember, these tickets provide lifetime early access to any future projects on Dropspace.

Do you think we’d stop at Art Wars? There are other premium drops that Dropspace is currently working on, they just can’t be disclosed as of yet.

How can I get a Mint Ticket now?

With a total supply of 500 tickets, there are 350 sold and no further drops scheduled at this point in time. Today, you can grab one on Opensea and as mentioned, they are among the cheapest they’ve been in recent weeks. As of writing, are trading at 0.8 ETH — below the last mint price of 1.0 ETH.

Don’t wait until the next premium drop, by then they may not look so cheap.

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